Thursday, August 5, 2010

BLW -6th month

It's been half of year of BLW. I really don't know how all this time went by, but here we are, close to our first birthday.
For us, BLW was the perfect choice. I'm so happy I've learnt about it (one more time, thanks so much MQ for sharing with us) because I gave my baby the opportunity of being himself and choosing for himself, discovering for himself and learning how shapes and textures work and how they can melt into a delicious meal.
As time went by, Bryce evolved from playing with solids to the degree of actually understanding what solids mean :that they can fulfill bellies, that they have different tastes, that he can ask for more 'cause something is very yummy, that meals are fun 'cause he can see both mom and dad and that he is free to choose and free to go and never forced to do something he doesn't want to do.
By doing BLW, I was never forced to invent stories or behave like a clown or trick my baby just for the sake of eating. And after only six months, I can see the benefits: how independent he is, how grown up, how he sits in the chair and really enjoys every piece that goes into his mouth, asking for more or refusing when he is full.
For some reason, even if he's my first born (or maybe because of that) I just was so confident and just trusting him in the way he approached this concept. For some reason, I've never freaked out that one week went by and he may be he only ate some grapes and blueberry. I guess that the concept :"Solids are fun til' they're one" kinda of sticked in my brain really well.:)
And now, at almost one year, he's eating well. Well for him 'cause I know he's smart to choose what he needs. Mom will just offer and baby will do the rest.
Way to go, Brycy, mommy is so proud of you. Bon appetit!

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