Friday, March 19, 2010

Useful stuff to raise a baby

Well, moms out there, as much as I love the concept of being all natural, I must admit that I have to acknowledge all the inventors who put a thought into making our lives easier. When you have your first baby, you're always tempted to buy too many unnecessary things or you're kind of confused by the many lists you receive from friends, family or baby stores.
I thought of putting together a list with the things I found useful throughout these 6 months of raising Bryce

- Fisher Price take along swing - very good for the first months - my baby just loved swinging, he even slept in it, like naps and stuff;
- The Diaper Dekor disposal system - OMG, the best invention out there- just keeps the stinky diapers smell away, brilliant and easy to use and very affordable, too, in terms of refills;
- The Snap'n Go frame stroller - we chose to go with this kind of model as it made sense for for the first months ( at least the first 5 months) ; you can use any kind of infant car seat ( ours was a Chicco- which I didn't like too much) but the frame itself was wonderful: light, easy to fold, small enough and with a lot of storage;
- the Britax car seat ( we chose the Marathon style) is the safest, well made car seat out there and it's among the few ones certified to be taken into a plane; it's very, very comfortable, my baby just loves it, he has so much more room now, it can not even compare with the Chicco one;
- The MacLaren stroller - no matter what style - we chose to go with the Quest Sport - but it's a bless, it's even lighter than the Snap'n Go and it's really perfect as a city stroller ( for the mall, to fit in your car etc);
- The Baby Trend jogging stroller- we love it- we know that there are better brands on the market when it comes to jogging strollers, but this one just met our needs and budget; Bryce is very comfortable in it and so far we had a bless with it in our walks and hikes;
- "The first years breast flow" bottles and nipples - just the best - still using them, the nipples have a very interesting design, basically it is like a double nipple and the milk just flows at a very slow peace; it's meant to imitate as much as they can the breast flow;
- the travel changing pad - it just helps tones when you're out with the baby; throw some diapers and wipes and you feel safe no matter where you are with your little one;
- the diaper bag - no matter what brand ( we have a Paul Frank one) - but again is a very useful tool for when you go out with your baby; it has tones of pockets and storage space for extra clothes, changing pad, milk bottles, wallet, you name it;
- Fisher Price high chair - again love it, love it, love it; very well made, very cute and colorful design, easy to clean, the toys that come with it are fun for my baby, not to mention the one handed tray removal, 7 chair height adjustments etc;


1. Naartje - they make very comfortable clothes, 100% cotton , cute desing, affordable prices.

2. Gymboree - nice design, great colors combination, when on sale, some good deals can be found;

3. Pumpkin Patch - cute design, nice colors, affordable prices when on sale;

4.Osh'kosh - I love especially their overalls, they're fun, comfortable, colorful;

5.The children place - not the best designs out there but for sure some very, very good deals when they have sales, and you can find some cute stuff;

6.Baby Gap - they have some cute stuff, but, boy oh boy, they're quite expensive; even, when they have sales, their sale is kinda of lame meaning still expensive; but if you're persevering and patient, you can eventually find a good deal;

7. Old Navy - especially for the hats, sometimes they're quite cute and fashionable;

The list remains open as I will add as I discover more interesting kids clothing stores.


1. ROBEEZ - at this stage, they are the perfect fit for my baby feet; soft, easy to put on, very nice design, colorful, maybe just a little bit expensive;

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