Monday, January 18, 2010

I think I like apples...

Today my son is 5 months old. Yuppiii!!!!! Happy B-day kinda of my little sunshine!!!
Because mommy can not bake yet a cake for him, we thought we will celebrate with some apples-baby style!!!
- I mixed 1/3 of a raw Gala apple ( looks like the Romanian "Ionatane") and one tablespoon of rice cereal; the result had a nice consistency and a good taste ( as I tried it);

*these apples are not too sweet but not too sour either, somewhere in between, my favorites ones and I'm picky when it comes about apples;

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he ate everything I made. He opened his mouth in delight, I didn't push the sauce all the way in the back of his mouth but left it somewhere in the middle of his tongue and he started chewing and eventually swallowing all that it was to swallow; I loved that he didn't push it out with his tongue nor turn his head away.
Of course, this is his first day trying this new thing; I'm planing in having a six days trial, than take a little break and after that continuing with something new.
As we are approaching 6 months, I will also want to see how he will handle the BLW method. I didn't give up on it.
It is hard and challenging to raise a child but the rewards are priceless; this is one of them.:))


  1. Happy b-day, Bryce! Congrats, Clara! :-*

  2. Mmm...apples! Put a little cinnamon in there and I'm sure he'll eat 'em up.


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