Friday, March 5, 2010

BLW - week 2

So, we managed to end our 2nd week of BLW and it was another success. As the days go by, he seems more and more interested in the stuff I give him and he really puts something in his belly, too, 'cause I check his poop every day. :) So, the progress is there. Good for you, my little one.
I will write the new stuff we tried this week :

VEGETABLES : baked zucchini, steamed parsnip, raw, ripe avocado

FRUITS : cantaloupe, kiwi, pear,

BREADS: rice bread, toast and pita

DIPS : hummus, organic peach jelly, eggplant salad

Although, he didn't seem to hate anything from the above, I can say that he LOVED : the toast with jelly and eggplant, the pita with hummus, the kiwi, the steamed parsnip.

For the 3rd week of BLW, I will start on giving him some meat, pasta and rice.
Until next week, enjoy our little movie!!!


  1. sweetie pie!! he's delicious! Good job, Mr. Bryce, keep on doing it.

    Good idea with the eggplant salad, did you make it as we're used to? Some oil, no salt, no mayonnaise I guess, right?

  2. Yeap, exactly. It's a good dip. :)


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