Thursday, December 31, 2009

The play with solids

So, we're slowly approaching 5 months of age. One more month and we will be kinda of ready to start on solids.
Thanks to a great mom, I got introduced to the concept of BLW or Baby led weaning. In her blog, she is writing notes about how this method works as well as her experience with her baby.
The book is called " Baby-led weaning" and is written by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett. As the authors agreed themselves, this is not a new concept at all, moms used it involuntarily or not during the years. This method makes so much sense and gives the baby the chance of choosing and playing and discovering and having fun and all with a great result: LEARNING TO EAT!!!
The first thing I did was purchasing a high chair; Bryce was already joining us at the table, but he was either in the bouncer or in our lap. He LOVES being around us and watching us doing stuff but wait: WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO IGNORE HIM!!! He needs to be a part of what we're doing!!! :))) Geez, so much personality, already!!!!
So, since we got the chair, I tried to see if he was interesting in some other edible shapes. So, I peeled a banana and offered it to him. He grabbed it and after that it was a crazy chase of the banana in the tray, on his face, on his lap, on his clothes etc....
In the book, they kinda of advise you not to: stare, laugh, appraise....Believe me it is very hard...
I look forward to more food adventures...Good bye clean kitchen....And, oh, BTW, we do have a doggie ( MQQM, you know what I mean -:))) - my alive mop. LOL!!!!
More stories to come...until then.....HAPPY NEW YEAR AND AN AWESOME 2010!!!!

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  1. I recommend "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron to all the moms I meet. Excellent resource for feeding your baby. Instructions for making your own baby food, etc. Have fun!!


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