Thursday, April 29, 2010

The first big trip - preparation

We are only 2 days away from the first big trip since Bryce was born. We will go to Bulgaria, a country which is a neighbor of my native country, Romania. Language spoken: Bulgarian- slavic origins. I've studied Russian for 4 years but I don't know that much anymore and they're different languages anyway; I still recognize the signs of the alphabet, though.
So, first of all we're traveling with Lufthansa, an airline which is a considered a very family & kids friendly. My husband already booked the bassinet seat for both ways. That is LA to Munich and Munich to LA, from Munich to Sofia and back, Bryce will sit in my lap.
If you're flying economic, as we do, the line will allow you to have a luggage with a max weight of 23 kilos (50 lbs), whatever exceeds that weight, you will have to pay extra. Also, if you want to have a second luggage (as I have for Bryce), you pay en extra $50, but with the same weight limit of 23 kilos.
In the big luggage that I will check in at the airport and I will take it back in Sofia, I've packed the following:


- 6 cans of Enfamil Lipil powder;
- 1 can of rice cereal;
- 2 bags of mum-mums;
- 3 boxes of Earth's Best biscuits;
- 5 packs of different purees;
- 1 washable bib;
- 3 packages of disposable bibs;
- 1 package of disposable playmates;


- one small bottle of baby dish detergent;
- one small bottle of Dreft;


- 1 tylenol;
- 1 motrin;
- 2 night time orajel;
- 2 day time orajel;
- one salt nasal spray;
- 1 thermometer;
- 1 nasal pump;


- 1 sunscreen tube;
- Earth Angel body lotion;
- Earth Angel bottom lotion;
- Weleda cheek cream;
- 1 Johnson & Johnson head to toe;
- 1 nail scissor;

As, for clothes, to be on the safe side, I've ordered this weatherproof sac: and beside this we have the usual pants, hoodies, hats, sun hats, socks, pj's just to have a verity for whatever weather and occasion we will be in over there.

This is what I've packed so far; there will be more posts as the trip unfolds where I will note how useful or not all these stuff I've packed end up being.

Now, the carry-on luggage, the one I will have with me in the plain:

- 4 cans of Enfamil Lipil liquid;
- 6 little packages of Enfamil Lipil powder;
- 1 tube of Orajel;
- 10 dipaers;
- 1 travel pack wet wipes;
- 1 pack of disposable bibs;
- 2 sets of clothes;
- 1 sippy cup;
- 2-3 toys;

We will also bring with us in the plane the MacLaren city stroller and the Ergo baby carrier.


  1. OMg.. I'm so excited ... and a little nervous too. I hope it is all going to be easy and Bryce sleeps all night.

  2. one luggage of 23kg? hmmm it used to be 2 pieces, not anymore? I traveled with Lufthansa just once, but as far as I remember it was the same (like airfrance).
    anyway, thx for the lists, they always help :)

    go go go Bryce to see your daddy! Enjoy it!


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