Sunday, January 24, 2010

Apple's on our checklist

So, we finished our 6 days trial with apples;
- overall, he really liked lit;
- he opened his mouth, dipped his hands in the stuff I've made;
- no allergies or some other weird reactions;
- good poop ( I could see bits of apples in it, the color became darker);
We will take a 2-3 days break and next week we will try something new. This time: bananas!!!
I'm still reading and trying to gather as much information as I can about the BLW method. I've also joined the BLW yahoo forum where I can have a glimpse into other's people experience with this method.
I still believe this concept is really interesting and developing some of the baby's skills, the only thing that I'm a little bit scared of and concerned about is his ability of swallowing little pieces of food, my ability of being cool when I will see him gagging ( that most of the time looks like choking) with his face turning red and his eyes being in tears, my ability of just knowing how to react on the spot if something would have happened etc.
So, discussing these issues with my husband too, we came to the conclusion that a mixed approach at this stage would be more appropriate for our family, meaning that we will combine the classic method with the BLW; so like for example, when I will make the pureed carrots I will also try to offer him a boiled finger carrot son long and so forth...I know it is not true BLW anymore but who cares....What cares is that our family feels comfortable, safe and happy...
The thing that I know for sure is that I will not force food into his mouth.
So, we will meet next time with some banana experience until then enjoy some "apples" pictures...:)))

PS: One more thing that I would like to add about spoon feeding. Sometimes I get intrigued and irritated by some of the statements that I read in different books. This time it happens to be the one that says that spoon fed babies are more likely to choke that BLW babies because with the spoon fed babies you pushed the pureed food back in his mouth.
Well, let me tell you my experience with Bryce. Bryce DOES NOT slurp the food from the spoon, Bryce DID NOT choke on the pureed food ;what Bryce DID DO was to start to chew on what went into his mouth. Just like that, as natural as it can gets!!!!
PLEASE, let's not make moms feel bad about their decisions!!!!

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