Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Less of a mom if I don't breast feed ??!!!

Well, it is not something that I planed to.
Unfortunately, since my son was 2 months old, because of some objectives reasons, I couldn't do it anymore, despite the fact that we did hire a lactation consultant and rent a professional pump etc
Did I feel bad? Yes, I did but life needed to go on and my baby needed the milk. So, we started on formula. Not because I wanted to sleep more or because it's more convenient. It's harsh to make such statements about moms that aren't breast feeding anymore. As I know for sure that most mothers out there want the best for their babies.
Even if he's on formula :
-Bryce is fed upon request as many times as he wants;
-Bryce is not overfed or overweight (at almost 5 months he was 16 pounds 05 oz which is the equivalent of 7,200 kg);
-Bryce wakes up at night at least every 3 hours;
So, how much sleep do I get at night as a formula fed mom? Well, probably less than a breast fed mother as I have to wake up and prepare the next round for the next time he's waking up.
* here, in the States, they have also already made formula, so I don't use powder and water to mix it, I just take it out from the fridge and warm it up;
I truly believe that breast feeding is the best for our babies, but sometimes, for different reasons ( laziness and commodity not included) you end up giving them formula.
Let's try not to be harsh with those moms!! They DO love and adore their babies, too.

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  1. I don't know who upset you, shame on them. Don't spend a second thinking about this again, you are as good a mom to Bryce as you think of you.

    And actually formula feeding is neither more convenient nor it alows you more sleep at night, these are just ignorant myths. I admit I am on the lazy side, have 3 kids and know what I am talking about. Pumping or formula feeeding does require much more work and planing.

    All the nest to a great mom!


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