Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bonjour Canada!!!

One week ago, we packed again and left for Canada, more precisely Ottawa and Montreal. Ottawa because my hubby had a little shooting there and then Montreal 'cause my dear friend, Edwina, lives there with her fiance.
Sooooo, impressions:
- overall good impressions: nice and helpful people, clean streets, good food, nice architecture, walking & family friendly;
Things that I found a bit different (and again this is only applied to the cities I've visited and not the whole country);
- more people smoking in the streets;
- more cigarettes butts on the sidewalks (but there were these little machines coming to clean all the time)
- on the Montreal highways, people would tailgate more and would not be too courteous to let you pass from one lane to another;
- gas was more expensive;
- clothes and shoes as well more expensive ( I think no one can beat the Americans on the sales -LOL)
- loved, LOVED the automatic doors for people with disability/mom with strollers (most of the doors had this button that you would press and the door would open)
- loved the family rooms where you could go and change the baby (very clean and well appointed)
- loved the parks (although I couldn't see any space for kids - but it could be that not all of them have them);
- the Rideau mall I've been to in Ottawa also didn't have a play area for kids ( I don't know if this is common but in LA all the malls have a play area for kids)
- love, LOVED all the bilingual signs and that I could speak in French ( I could speak French over and over again and never get bored, it's my favorite language ever!!! )
Hmmm.....what else?? I've said to myself I would buy a dairy and wrote every time I travel. But....with a super active kid my brain sometimes fail to serve me. LOL
Anyway, we should definitely go back. If not to visit some more of those cities at least to see some others like Toronto or Vancouver.
Au revoir nos amis, Candiens!!! A la prochaine!!!


  1. I've been waiting for these. :))

    Glad you liked it, Toronto and Niagara County is waiting for you, together with a friend for Bryce!

    Interesting notes. Can't say too much, we are all so different or similar over here. But, no, not really playgrounds in malls that I know about (ikea, mcD and chuckee cheese don't count :D). Parks should have them though.

    Ok, prices... don't get me started there :D with these american based companies that opened shop up here and sell us the same merchandise soooo overpriced... I agree! Small print: I hear it's in your economy's best interest. :D

    P.S. Loved your warm clothes, especially what you knitted for Bryce!

  2. Thanks, MQ. I would really, really love to meet you, guys. I just feel there's something going on in there. :)) And I promise, if we will ever meet, I will knit something cute for little Pepitzel. Kisses and hugs back


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