Sunday, December 19, 2010

Few words

Well, I haven't say too many things lately just because you're keeping me bu-sy. :))
So, in between running and keeping up with you, knitting for "Funky Gavroche" (a label inspired by your energy, sweet little one) and some other miscellaneous stuff around the house, here's what I have to tell you:
-you're 16 months old already (boy, time flies, they're not kidding around when they're telling you that);
-you're just awesome; let me see if I can find all the epithets to describe you: 200% energy, fun, laughs, giggles, creative, inspirational, smart, curious, inquisitive, problem solver, naughty, sometimes a bit mischievous in a fun way, stubborn (OMG so stubborn), independent, like very independent, explorer, focused, still not a great sleeper-:)
- you still love the music; it's so interesting seeing it developing in you from the first days you were born; you play the drum every day, and the piano (for some reason it's not an everyday request anymore), then if I give you a spoon or something that resembles a stick you start banging as if imitating the drums; you ask to play the Romanian music cd and you love to dance and applaud on its rhythms;
-you bring me books to read to you but you kind of loose interest in the subject 2 sentences later. LOL;
-you talk and talk and talk, from 6:00 am (BTW, you're like a clock); I don't get all that you're saying (I know, you have developed your own language) but for some reason we're communicating in a great way (with some few exceptions when you prefer the scream instead of having a civilized conversation-LOL)
-you're not a tantrum thrower, yet (and I hope you'll stay that way); I don't know if me listening to you helps, or it's just you putting up with me (and my tantrums sometimes-LOL), bottom line is, we kinda of getting along with each other (maybe because we're both Leos? - LOL)
- you love, LOVE to socialize, to have as many people around you as possible, you just thrive around other kids and to be in the center of attention, in the spot light,
-you love outdoors so much that you could stay out 24/7, if possible; and when we go out no matter where, you just want to walk and walk, you look behind to make sure I'm following you and then you walk some more (you don't like that much to be carried nor strolled);
-even if I thought you don't hug me enough , you know exactly when to come and put your little arms around my knees or just throw yourself over my body laying on the floor;
- you love inventing games and playing with us; in fact, so far, you're not the kind of the kid to play by himself that much but to interact with someone all the time;
- you still wake up at least twice a night to eat and even if we're quite tired we still don't want to "train" you how to sleep all night long; we figure you will learn it eventually all by yourself just as you did with so many other things; we completely trust you in that and everything else you do;
Ok, I have to stop now 'cause you just woke up and of course, you need our attention. LOL

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