Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I don't want to jinx it but for the last 4 days or so he has a completely attitude towards food. It's like he had a revelation: I know what food means and what it is for.
He asks me for food by pointing towards the pantry. And I don't have to give him necessarily something from the pantry, I generally open the fridge and hand him some fruits and he's super, uber duper happy. Then, when I tell him we're preparing to have breakfast or lunch, a smile appears on his face and he's heading towards the sink to wash his hands preparing for the meal. In the morning, he's devouring all the oatmeal plus some fruits. When I ask him if he wants some more, he now shakes his head for yes. He doesn't know to do it for "no" yet, he just cleans his hands for the sign of "gata"= all done.
He's kind of done with his straw cup and loves, loves to drink from his little cup. Plus spoon and fork, of course. The watermelon is so delicious when served with the fork.:)
Like probably many other toddlers, he still does not love vegetables. He eats them though from all the soups I make for him (especially the carrots).
Blueberries remain his top choice. He could eat them forever. He likes the yogurt but not too much the cheese. He likes chicken, beef and salmon.
Hmmm...I hope this food mania lasts for longer.

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