Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No more milk at night

Last week, we had out first dental appointment. At first, we discussed, his meal habits: what he eats, how many sweets, if any, how do we brush his teeth, how many times at day, does he still drink milk from a bottle at night etc.
Bryce was still drinking milk from a bottle at night, approx twice every night. I knew this would be an issue and the dentist would tell us/ advise us to let it go. And she did.:)
The best way would be to just to cut it short and put water in the bottle but if the little one does not like such a dramatic change then it would be a graduate process where the the milk would be diluted with water 'til the quantity of water would replace the milk.
We knew eventually this milk situation needs to end, we were just not sure when to do it exactly. So, this dentist appointment gave us at least the impulse to try it. So, that night we started giving him a bottle full of flat water and guess what, to our surprise, he didn't complain at all and over the course of few nights he didn't bother to wake up just to drink a bottle of water.:)
So, it's been more than a week now and he doesn't seem to be bothered at all. I hope it's as easy as it's been so far and I don't write an update where he'd ask for the bottle back.:)
Sometimes, it takes just a little visit to the dentist office.:)

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