Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do we really have to go out???

It's a fact!!! Bryce hates the car seat. And whatever comes with it: shopping, walks, going out...He is rarely quiet in it. Maybe when the car seat is actually in the stroller and the stroller is moving!!! Otherwise, BIG ISSUE!!! So, what is left?? To "peacefully" not leave the house until he's...what....one year old????!!!! Or use one of the new inventions: infant carrier, sling, pouch etc. But wait, not even those ones are easy to use:
1.Infant carrier: for some (unknown) reason you need 2 persons to use the carrier: one- is the person that actually wears the carrier, the second is the person that helps you to take
the baby in and out the carrier.
2. Sling/pouch : for Christ sake, do you really have to use tons of yardage to make something like this??? I mean, literally I look like a mummy once I wrapped it around myself and now you have this bulky material around you plus a wiggly baby. Not so comfy.
So, it's either that I don't know how to use these baby wonders or there is something more out there to be invented.
Did I tell you that papa is the guru of Amazon??? Oh, yeah, he totally is. So, in this respect, we got a big, colorful book , and baby Bryce was very interested in it. If, there is one thing that I LOVE the most about him is the way he pays attention to everything. He just looks interested in things that happen around him. Like, for example, watching Cliffi, our hairy dog, passing by: "hey, dude, who are you? I would love to poke you. I mean, wait, I WILL poke you, very soon."
Yeah, my life (with Bryce) just doesn't get boring anymore!!!! And there are so many more un-boring moments to come.

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  1. He's getting so big! Hang in there baby. I think it's about to get much more interesting. :)


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