Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I guess it's coming with the territory. The more you expose your baby to the world, the more his chances to catch a virus are increasing. And that's what happened with my little Bryce, he caught a little cold virus; as a result: runny nose, lots of sneezing and a little bit grumpy. Otherwise he's fine, still active, eating well, no fever or coughing.
At this stage, I just watch him carefully and make sure to keep his nose clear. Hopefully, it will just go away with no other issues.

EDIT: The second day I've written this post, Bryce developed a suspicious cough. I called the pediatrician and told her about it. She told me to keep Bryce for 5-10 minutes in a steamed bathroom (the steam from the running shower) and to use a humidifier in the room he sleeps. Tylenol ONLY if he's very uncomfortable or he develops a fever ( over 101-102 F). Looking in the dr. Sears' "The Baby book", we linked the symptoms to the croup:
What is croup? What causes it?

Croup is an infectious illness of the respiratory system involving the voice box and vocal cords (larynx), windpipe (trachea), and the airways leading to the lungs (bronchial tubes). It is usually caused by many different viruses, including those responsible for the common cold and influenza. Occasionally, it is caused by a bacterial infection. Croup can result in serious breathing difficulties in children. It is more common in babies over 6 months of age and young children, and it occurs more often in boys than girls. It tends to occur more often in the winter months when the weather is colder.

Is croup contagious?

Croup is contagious, and it is usually spread by airborne infectious droplets sneezed or coughed into the air by infected children. When infectious droplets are inhaled by a healthy child, symptoms can develop in two to three days. The infection can also be spread by infected mucus deposited on doors, furniture, toys, and other objects. A healthy child can become infected by accidentally touching the infectious mucus and transferring the infection into his/her mouth.

What are the symptoms of croup?

Approximately two or three days after being infected, the child notices increasing hoarseness and sore throat. A hacking "croupy" cough develops which sounds like a barking seal and becomes worse at night. Gagging and vomiting can occur with coughing. The cough is usually accompanied by a fever (100.4 to 104 degrees F; 38 to 40 degrees C). The infection causes swelling of the larynx and impairs air passage. A harsh crowing sound ("stridor") during inhaling can be heard when the child's air passage becomes abnormally narrowed. If this should occur, immediate evaluation by a physician is recommended. Even though most children with croup are cared for at home, those with breathing difficulties, high fever, or dehydration may need to be hospitalized. Infants with croup are grumpy, tired, and have poor appetites. The major part of the illness lasts for three days. A wet cough can continue for another two weeks. It is also possible to acquire the infection more than once

Fortunately enough with the help of granda ma' Myrna (thank you grand ma') after spending most of the night in the shower, he was already better the next day. Today, Saturday, 3 days later, we already forgot about it.


  1. I hope he is okay. I think he is missing his Dad.

  2. Hope he'll feel good again soon! Oliver had the runny nose, too, about 2 mths ago, it went away with no other complications in a couple of days. It's almost impossible to avoid it. Hugs!


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