Monday, May 10, 2010

The first big trip - 1st week in Sofia

The first's week challenge in Sofia was, of course, the jet lag. It's annoying for a grown up, imagine how annoying this can be for a baby. Add to this the teething and the unhappiness is there.
Anyway, the first days he would wake up like in the middle of the night, and be all wake and ready to play. The funny thing about it is that he would not sleep throughout the day as if it would be the night. He would rather have naps or maximum a 3 hours long sleep.
With the help of grand ma' Myrna, we've managed to somehow survive (we would take shifts, like she would sleep more in the evening and be wake for him in the night, while I would be awake during day time and sleep during night time). But, all in all, if you travel somewhere where the difference hour is significant (more than 3 hours) then you need to take in consideration having someone with you to help you with the shifts, otherwise is just 1 week of sleep depravation.
By the end of the week, he started sleeping a little bit better: he would go to sleep somewhere around 9-10:00 pm sleep till around 4:30- 5:00 am ( with some little waking for the feedings), stay awake for another 2 hours or so then go back to sleep for another hour. All in all, around 7:30-8:00 am he is totally awake, ready for a new day.

The city challenges:

- no sidewalks for pedestrians or/and strollers ( I mean the sidewalks exist but they are full of parked cars);
- the remaining sidewalks are full of holes making the stroller stride a real adventure;
- smoking everywhere ( in the streets, on the terraces, in the parks, in the restaurants, even in the hotel- I smell smoke coming under the door of our apartment); basically, it's smoke everywhere, you can barely smell the nice breeze of the spring;
- no high chairs in the restaurants ( so far, the first one that we found was in the Hilton), but for one week we didn't find any restaurant that would have a high chair for the baby; (this was kinda of hard as we are going out a lot in LA and Bryce would always have his highchair, basically he would sit with us at the table and eat with us, one of the concepts of BLW); here, instead, he would either  sit in his stroller or in our laps;
- not so many but still here and there some stray dogs and you never know how they will react so, you just need to be cautious when you pass them by;
- stairs, stairs, stairs, lots of stairs and no other choice for people with disabilities or moms with strollers; even the shops have lots of stairs but no ramps or some other access ( malls not included, as they do have elevators);

As for the food and water: to be on the safe side, we are drinking only bottled water, even Bryce's fruits and vegetables I wash them with the same bottled water; I still do a little bit of BLW ( I don't cook too much but I offer him carrots, apples, bananas, grapes etc) and I also bought some little bio Hipp jars that he eats from time to time; he was only one day constipated right in the beginning but after I gave him some prunes puree, he started pooping on his daily routine.

It turned out to be great to have a a lot of Orajel tubes with me, as he started teething right here and right now; so, having the Orajel helped a bit as well as cold cucumber and apple finger cuts.

My hubby was free for the weekend, so we spend some time just the three of us as we needed it so much. It was just great.

Now, the first week is over, we're looking forward to the 2nd one and some more things to discover.

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