Sunday, May 9, 2010

The first big trip - the flight

The whole flight I found quit easy. Probably the night flight helped but anyway I can not say that it was a big struggle for any of us.
We checked in at LAX,  very quick process, got the tickets, they weighed the luggage, I didn't have to pay for anything extra, so, basically, I could travel with two big suitcases ( max weight 23 kilos/each).
Having the baby helps as you don't have to stay in the long line, you're directed towards an express line, but the security check-up is a big pain in the b..., as you have to basically put everything on the x-ray conveyer belt (even the stroller), the baby shoes etc. Ughhhh.....
We had the bulkhead seats ( I highly recommend them especially when you travel with small kids, infants);  the people from Lufthansa were great, they gave Bryce a little toy and they were very, very nice with all of us; half an hour after the plane took off, Bryce fell asleep in the nice bassinet that the airline provided us with (btw, great thing this bassinet - really helpful for both the parents and the baby) and he slept for about 7 hours out of the 11 that the flight had. We ate, played, napped and finally we got to Munich.

In Munich, we had a very little layover just enough to have a good cup of expresso and change Bryce's diaper and clothes, and after that we've boarded on the plane to Sofia. Short trip, only 2 hours, small plane, a little nap for Bryce.
And finally Sofia: but wait, we got to the Balkans and the change was so obvious: we got there and there was a huge line by the custom booths and no organization what so ever. And it the midst of all this mess, a police guy sees us and let us go in front. DONE!!
So, after around 13 hours of flight and 1 hour layover we've managed to get there safe and sound and to hold and give million kisses to our papa.


  1. hai ca am aflat cum se cheama si locurile alea "din fatza" cum le ziceam eu :D adik bulkhead seats alea. Ce bine ca ati avut un zbor lejer.
    Si asa domne, 2 bagaje moca peste ocean, de ce sa platesti?!

  2. Da, si eu am ramas placut surprinsa cind am realizat ca nu va trebui sa platesc cei 50 de dolari in plus.
    Cit despre locurile "din fatza" sunt exceptionale, caci daca ai sta in alealalte ar fii un chin pentru ambele parti. Si nici nu tre' sa platesti extra pentru astea, doar suni si le rerzervi. Ah, am platit vreo 100 si ceva pentru Bryce, atit o fii costind bassinetul.:)


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