Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was aware in a way that, as Bryce is growing, more challenges will follow, especially because he is a very strong will kid.
In the last week, I can see a very unusual pattern developing. When time comes for him to have a nap, he becomes hyper focused on different objects, can not seem to calm down, he wants to be hold but then he's pointing all over the place and fidgeting in the same time, just putting him in the crib with the bottle doesn't seem to work either, not to mention the bouncing.
So, after 10-15 minutes of all this trying, I have to admit that I get frustrated and kind of annoyed.
Soon enough, my hubby comes from his office and he puts Bryce to sleep in like 5 minutes.
How weird is that? Should I just relax or let daddy do his job? :))


  1. Maybe he is not tired enough
    Maybe he is waiting for his daddy
    Maybe he doesn't like the crib
    I think you should just relax, I get frustrated sometimes on the same reason and I found out that we both feel better if we go outside.

  2. Thanks, Happy Mami. The "outside" idea works great. Hugs


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