Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The mysterious virus

I really don't know exactly what it was but after 2 weeks it is gone with no particular treatment.
- 4-5 poops a day with a bit of mucus, not very runny, not green, no blood, no foul smell, no vomiting, no fever;
- he was not bothered by it, he was very active, he still had an appetite all this time;
Personal treatment:
- in the first days I gave him rice, rice crackers, bananas and BIOGAIA probiotic in the milk bottle;
- after 5 days of this diet, I started give him normal foods again, just keeping in the mix the probiotic;
One week later and no change, I called the doctor and asked her if I should worry. Meanwhile, he had a bit of a diaper rash ( I suspect from the no of poops). Our doctor advised to wait one more week and if the poop doesn't go away or symptoms aggravate we should go in.
Less than week later, he's back on track, one poop a day.
And BTW the rash is gone ( I used DESITIN).
He had for sure something in his belly (in my opinion, I find it totally normal as he's interacting with other kids, they share foods, toys etc not to mention that he plays outdoors, puts his hands in his mouth), no matter how much you try to clean his hands, chances are he will manage "to eat" some dirty hands). I'm happy his little body fought it all by itself and that it wasn't something serious.

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