Friday, October 1, 2010

A podcast and BLW

Some days ago, I took part in a interview about BLW. The interview was hosted by Meredith who herself has a 6 months old little girl and on the verge of starting BLW.  The idea behind it was to basically tell our BLW experiences: how we heard about it, how was in the beginning, what our fears were etc.
After I got the questions and started to prepare for the podcast, I read Rapley's book one more time and I was so amazed again by the easiness of it as well as by the informations I discovered going though the book regarding Bryce's stage, that I've decided to share some of those right here:
- "Babies and small children seem to know instinctively which foods will give them the nutrients they need"
- "Babies who crave a particular food seem to be responding to a need, so it's important to trust their instinct and let them make these choices"
- "Most mealtimes battles with toddlers are the result of a mismatch over what the parent thinks the child needs and what he thinks he needs"
- "Children have a strong survival instinct, especially when food is concerned. They have an extremely reliable sense of when they need to eat, what to eat and how much"
- "A baby-sized portion IS a baby-sized handful" - a portion is roughly the amount each person can hold in one open hand
So, we should try to include in our every-day toddler's menu:
- vegetables and fruits: five (three of vegetables and two of fruit)
- grains and starchy vegetables (rice, potato, pasta, bread etc)  two to three
- meat, fish and other protein rich foods such as lentils: one
- cheese, milk, yogurt and other calcium-rich foods such hummus and small-boned fish :one
- healthy fats (such as olive oil, nuts and seeds) : a quarter of a portion

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