Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bryce's first trip

It was nothing planned. My husband was working on this Tim Burton's project in a VFX facility 2-3 hours away from LA (BTW, very hard not having him home all this time) but as this week was his last one, we thought why not make a small trip out of it?
So, mama Clara loaded her small beetle ( I don't want to give you details about the way I travel - just 2 words - NOT LIGHT-:)) and on the road for the small adventure.
Mr. Clifford - the doggie - on the front seat, little Bryce in his car seat. He slept all the way, no issues, no problem.
We got to the hotel around 6:30 pm and he was all fresh and awake and ready to play. Which he did for about 2-3 hours ( while we enjoyed a fresh Domino pizza - oh, life on the road) and probably @ around 9:30 pm he was ready to go to sleep again. We had a smaller bed than the one we have home ( Queen size as opposed to the Cal King from our bedroom) but we shared it gladly, didn't ask for a baby crib and just cuddle the three of us, Bryce kinda of taking up the whole bed. :))
Things we enjoyed on the trip:
-being all of us together ( I feel so complete when I see my husband playing and adoring his son)
- going out and visiting new places ( we particularly loved this little danish town, called Solvang, as it made me feel like being home, in a way, back on my Old Continent);
-interacting with people and seeing new faces ( Bryce was just adored everywhere we went) ;
- shopping :)) ( I admit- my guilty pleasure)
- experiencing new foods ( and in this way, watching Bryce's reaction and behavior in a restaurant - he sat gladly in a high chair and we shared with him whatever foods from our plates were appropriate for him);
- BEING ONE LITTLE HAPPY FAMILY - OMG, having a baby is giving so much sense to your life, I love him from the bottom of my heart and THANK him for enriching my life every single day.
That was our little trip. I look forward to the longer ones. :)))


  1. That was an awesome one! It's so nice once in a while to get out the routine... But you are so couragous, alone with doggie and the baby!!! I dread going to the doc alone with baby, 15 mins drive...

    No wonder Bryce leaves a trail of lovestruck victims behind. :))


  2. Hai c-o sa-ti raspund la asta in romaneste ca-mi vine mai la indemina, of course; iti multumesc din suflet pentru toate cuvintele frumoase si bineinteles ai toata admiratia mea pentru tot ceea ce faci in ceea ce priveste cresterea lui Pepitzel. E un copil atit de norocos!!!
    Acum, tu esti draguta, sa-mi spui ca sunt curajoasa, eu as zice ca mai degraba sunt o mamicuta inconstienta, de multe ori aruncindu-ma cu capu' inainte fara a sta prea mult pe ginduri. Plus ca mai sunt si o fire ducace, careia ii place la nebunie sa conduca asa ca acum incerc sa gasesc motive sa o iau din loc cu bebelusul. :)))

  3. Pai se pare ca Bryce seamana cu tine, poti sa vezi din poze ca-i prieste excursia.:)
    BTW, frumos oraselul...


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