Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bryce and the swimming pool

The summer is here; not that we ever have winter BUT the real summer is here so all the J family and buni Rica went in the backyard and had fun in the swimming pool.
Bryce was just ecstatic. I knew he would love the water. And he did. Very hard to take him out of it.
Just watch this:


  1. Iti place puiule. super ca aveti piscina, se va distra vara asta.

  2. hey, Bryce, we like your duck very much! Wish you to have lot of fun in the pool!

  3. So much fun over there!

    P.S. What do you mean by "summer is here"? :))

  4. One question: it was late in the afternoon? Thea sun was burning? Bryce really need the t-short?

    2.nd question :P If I write in romanian you undestand me :P

  5. @ MQQM - you know what I mean.;))

    @ Brishtara, hai sa-ti raspund in Romaneste si-mi spui tu dupa daca m-ai inteles.:)

    1. era undeva dupa-amiaza, pe la 2-3 si deocamdata, chiar daca soarele arde sau nu prea tare, prefer sa-i tin parte din corp acoperita; sunt eu un pic mai precauta. :)
    2. abia astept sa-mi scrii in romana si boy oh boy ce te voi mai intelege.:)

  6. Pai m-au indus in eroare mamicile astea dragute, mamica lui pepitutz si happy mami :P

    F bine draga, ca imi storceam creierii si nci macar nu ma exprimam corect :P

    la ora aia si eu zau as fi fost precauta.

    Fain bazin! Si ma bucur caacu ne intelejem :D


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