Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mr. Personality with capital P

This is my first baby, I know. So, I'm sure that probably most of the moms that read this post and have more than 1 kid will tell me that is nothing new but....boy oh boy...I'm just amazed that with every day it goes by his personality and his way of expressing himself become bigger and bigger.
For one:
- he is very, very annoyed every time he is not allowed to do something (ex: play with the buttons of the oven as he can totally reach them-lol, or when he opens the door of the shower and tries to go inside etc)
- he is also very, very annoyed when he can not reach something ( ex: my laptop that sits on the coffee table, my camera or blackberry etc)
- he is very perseverant ( he doesn't give up when he wants to accomplish something) - ex. : to open the door of the pantry or to reach for something that fell under the couch)
- he points to things whenever he is interested in them;
- he makes it very clear every time he doesn't want to eat solids ( he starts to throw them on the floor and takes off his bib);
- he's handing you things ( ex. my slipper to put it back on my foot);
- he's imitating signs and some of the sounds we are making;
- when he's doing something "wrong" he looks at you, acknowledges it and then continues with no regrets; :)
I just look at him amazed by this whole attitude and realize that this is just the beginning. I know for sure that the challenges of raising him and teaching him good manners are only one mile away.:)

1 comment:

  1. :))

    Give your mommy a break, Bryce dear. What's she gonna write here in 13 years from now?

    Clara, oh, dear, kisses and hugs, haha.


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